Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Monday, February 22, 2010

Why Charton vs Mighty MLJ?

A comment over at Charlton Comics facebook blog stated the following: "Okay, we're not sure we understand the point of this blog (the gist of it appears to be comparing Charlton superhero comics to Archie superhero comics), but it features some pretty cool stuff, so who cares?"

While the description on the page's header: "Two parallel universes from two silver age comic book publishers examined ad naseum!" provide a reader with the gist of its intent, perhaps a few illustrative points can cement the driving force(s) behind this blog. Allow me to bend the rules, a bit, and introduce some non-featured characters from a different publisher which hopefully explains the method behind our madness:

Postulating further that there would be other publishing universes operating side-by-side, with similarites like those season between DC Comic's golden and silver age characters, we see the golden age MLJ and (mostly) silver age Charlton stables of characters had definite parallels as well. This is further hypothezied in this Omniverse Map found at

In 1986 it was confirmed that previous Charlton Comics' characters were assigned their own universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths #6. Later in 2000, the former MLJ/Mighty/Red Circle characters were also acknowledged as having existed in their own seperate dimensional reality.While never meeting directly, they had other similarities including the Watchmen having been originally inspired by the MLJ's Crusaders and later inspired by the Charlton heroes instead. Whether or not this allegation is valid or not, this was only the first of several cases where the two companies seemed to mirror one another. Consider...

Two military captains that harnessed fundamental forces to become the premier heroes on their worlds. Two heroines that disappear into darkness. Two athletic intellectural blonde haired heroes with similar fashion sense. Two insect heroes weilding special weapons while gliding through the air.  And so on and on...

Plus, you drive twice as much traffic to your blog with twice as many characters and interests...doing so in a non-sequitor manner...

Thank you, Robert, BBC, Victor, Rip and others who have expressed interest in this rather unorthodox approach. Hope you'll continue to be entertained with future posts with our Sunday/Tuesday/Friday/VS features.