Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mainstream Mondays: Licensed Ladies

Every fictional comic universe has to have the strong female prescence that balances out all the testosterone leaping off the published pages, towing the line between sensitivity and sensibilities necessary to round out her male counterparts.

And so, as DC absorbed Charlton and then MLJ/Red Circle, Nightshade was more than simply Eve Eden, part-time government agent and partner of Captain Atom. Now she was in charge of leading a Suicide Squad of villains to right wrongs and redeem her teammates.

And Fly-Girl was no longer the female part of an age-old comic equation wherein the male dominated the partnership. Kim Brand was one of the web-hosts selected by the revised Web to wear one of his super-suits, which she promptly modified and improved upon. Joining him and a government licencsed team of Mighty Crusaders, her young career was not tied to this assemblage.

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