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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Whatsitsname Wednesdays: The First Captain Atom

 The year was 1950, a period when superheroes were on the wane due to various factors. Comicbook publishers were downsizing or simply phasing out of existence, which left a void for enterprising young companies to fill the void. Among these was Nation-Wide Publishing.

Enter Captain Atom. No not that one, the original Cap whose title was filled with "approved adventure stories - all based on scientific facts and theories". Who exactly approved them we cannot say. The main character Captain Atom sported various gadgets including a uranium amplifier, a spectrascope, an atom submarine, and a walkie-talkie television; as well as vehicles such as an atom powered noiseless ram rocket, and an auto-gyro parachute.

Aided by his trusty companions Professor King and Rusty, he lasted all of seven issues through 1951 before being canceled and fading into obscurity.

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