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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thunder Agents at DC Week: Menthor

The tragic yet triumphant trooper in the Thunder Agents was double agent turned superhero Menthor. Originally evil inclined, his disposition was transformed into a longing for justice.

Still, he was not long for the world he was born into, and soon he met a grizzly end while saving the lives of his teammates.

Can we say Doctor Doom, or Iron Man, or even Man in the Iron Mask? Not exactly the look one would expect for this mental mastermind. Whats more, the business suit look is fine if it is a classy design. But this more pedestrian color scheme and sloppy look just doesn't do him, well, justice. And speaking of which, is his agenda still on the right and wrong side of the law, or something of a departure from that concept? Will he prove an ally or adversary to Thunder?

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