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Monday, November 29, 2010

Separated at Birth? Feral Fighters of Freedom

Every publisher seems to have variations on similar themes. Among these is the feral fighter of freedom, in this instance MLJ's Fox, Marvel's Black Panther, or DC's Wildcat (not shown).

Yet despite their similar appearance and all-around physical apptitudes and courageous demeanor, the men behind the mask were drastically different. Photographer Paul Patton, African national king T'Challa, and heavy weight boxing champion Ted Grant... different backgrounds that led to the same conclusion... instill fear in the forces of evil by adopting an animal presence.

Each were drawn to their world's premier teams, albeit later in their careers after they already established their reputations as primarily loners. Each had a bestial opposite number, Fox's She-Fox, Panther's Man-Ape, Wildcat's Huntress. And despite several appearances under their belt throughout the decades, none were afforded the reputation or legendary status of their contemporaries.

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