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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thunder Agents at DC Week: Thunder Agents #1

Thunder Agents done DC Animated style, as presented on the cover of their upcoming first issue. Interesting that none of the character redesigns that have rolled out of their new publisher is reflected on this cover, which is a telling sign that "you don't mess with a classic" adage.

While the jury is still out on whether or not this reboot will match the cult status (if not outright fanfare) of the original series and its various reiterations throughout various publishers in the decades since their first appearance. They merit consideration, for sure.

And back to the animated style, our friend the Question over on Earth-Four is no doubt curious about how these Earth-MLJ Agents will answer the following queries:

Will the original concept be diluted with to much 21st century tampering?

Is the characterization going to be as strong as the original classic series?

Can this team function as distinct from the rest of the DC Universe?

How will they be presented to satisfy their old and new fanbase?

When will their series be canceled... or make it to the big time?

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