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Saturday, November 13, 2010

She-Cat Returns to the Archie-Verse

We return to Archie and Friends #138 for yet another appearance of an under-appreciated heroine. Or maybe even two of them!

In addition to Marvelous Maureen flying on the left side of the panel, and the always tempermental Super Duck on the bottom, we see Delilah aka She-Cat flanked by Captain Sprocket. And not a sign of her on-again off-again boyfriend in his Paul Patton identity and her frenemy in his Fox alias. Perhaps she appreciated a guy who didn't hide behind a mask and was honest with her? Although chances are, they simply were at the wrong place at the same time to transfer from Earth-MLJ to Archie's world.

Undoubtedly, alongside the rest of her time and space lost allies, she returned to her home planet. Perhaps even allying with the recently reintroduced Green Cobra and Pow-Girl!

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