Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Separated at Birth? Blonde Bombshells

Hart Druiter of the planet Myar petitioned for and obtained membership into the Legion of Super-Heroes with the intent of infiltrating their ranks. Soon thereafter betraying them and attempting to shift the blame onto a team mate, he was kicked out of the team. Years later he would return with a Legion of Super-Villains to torment his foes before his death.

While ordinarily we stick to Charlton and MLJ/Mighty characters here (with the except of kissing cousins in the publishing industry like Fawcett), in this case the resemblance between these two has to be commented on.

Both the Kid and John Raymond, the Web, were products of the mid-60's (albeit in the Web's case he was a revival of a golden age hero). Beyond the obvious comparison of color schemes and style in their uniforms, their blonde locks, and their charge-into-battle attitudes... there is something more. Nemesis Kid drank a potion allowing him to temporarily adapt to any individual foe, allowing his to meet his opponent. The Web similarly had a superhuman ability to match might with any fiend, even those with abilities far above his own, with only will power backing him up. Both were team players, only for opposite sides of justice.

What would a match of these two have been like, one wonders?

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