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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Battling Blondes: Round ? - Betty Versus Peggy

Taking a departure from our typical Battling Blondes (aka the Web and Thunderbolt), let's see how MLJ/Archie's finest blonde Betty Cooper stacks up to Charlton Comics's Peggy, girlfriend of Freddy.

For those who don't know, and there is a fine series of posts elsewhere on Charlton's dark haired weak-sister imitation of Archie, Freddy was a man of many tastes. Blonde, brunette, red-head... he was indiscriminatory and as thick headed as a freckle faced Mr. Andrews. And inexplicably, both attracted gorgeous blonde lasses that were exceptionally long-suffering.
Betty is legendary in her knowledge of cars, and frequently worked on Archie's various jalopies throughout the decades. Peggy, well she tends to view them as rivals!

Peggy is a no-nonsense girl... she will NOT accept competition nor will she be second fiddle to any ol' bimbo that attracts her Freddy's eye. And Betty? Groan,  this ponytail pinhead  is simply dense! Lord!

These chicks both seem to LOVE to skate with their men and seem to attract some undesirable attention. For Peggy, her competition is a big blob with no eyes...for Betty its a skinny twig dufus with an even bigger appetite than mister manzere!

A toss up, neither are the brightest of bulbs. However, you never get a clear rival for Peggy as she helps stave off all the other gals, while Betty oscillates between a love/hate relationship with Veronica. And as such she is ALWAYS second fiddle. In fact, Betty has to bust her hump maintaining Archie's broken down ride to curry his affections while Peggy need not lift a single finger.
But here's the clincher. What if Freddy met Betty, and Archie met Peggy? Both would still have wandering eyes, yet Archie would definitely dump Ronnie for the infinitely more stylish and self-confident Peg. And Betts would be but one of a menagerie of madams in Freddy's ever typical fictional life in the 50's.

Score this round to Peggy and the blondes over at Charlton (fear not, you Web fans, this won't affect the overall tally of the main competition transpiring between our guy gladiators... we'll revisit that subject in a future posting).

Now the golden age Betty of Earth-MLJ, well.. she was the cat's meow. Freddy would have bought some war stamps for her for sure! Those killer legs and demur look must have done it!

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