Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Fiends: Watchmen's !mpact Beasts

Carrying forward are ongoing our series on Watchman's !mpact and DC's redefinition of MLJ/Mighty and Charlton characters, the penultimate villains in their teams' sagas were a pair of teleporting beasts who terrorized New York City... one leading to tragedy the other to triumph.

A mysterious malefactor, to be revealed later, spawned a monstrous behemoth through decades of genetic research and the physical design from a series of kidnapped artists. Cloning the adept mind of Robert Deschaine to house within the beast, it is teleported into the center of New York City causing massive death and damage, both due to tentacles exploding and a mental shockwave it emitted.

 And while the Watchmen were unable to turn back the clock, ahem, to stop the artificial alien, a real alien sent as part of invasion from another dimension confronted the Crusaders in their two incarnations. The American Crusaders dispatched the beast, at the cost of their good friend Professor Steven Carlson through who's mind the being used during its initial attack. Placed in hybernation for decades, it was eventually freed and it took the combined forces of a younger set of heroes to defeat it once more. Since both creatures had mental powers, tremendous strength, and the sinister intent of those who sent them to attack unsuspecting inhabitants of their respective Earths!

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