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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obscure Character Quiz #1: Answers Await!

Which of these female fitness phenoms took down the lawless with their estrogen power-packed muscles while aiding...

Mr. Muscles' gal Friday was Miss Muscles (this one was really not AT ALL hard). She had the same problem as the Mister... rivals jealous of her bod.

Ms. Samson was a female body builder working out in the same gym as Steel Sterling, and competed alongside him for a role in a Hollywood movie. Turns out they picked Steel AND Samson, and during a drive out west the two fell in lust.

Who was the scientist and who the historian of this "spooky" pair?

Anton Piper was a historian who thanks to a moonstone transformed into the time traveling Spookman (not all that Spooky) and helped burn down ancient Rome!

Paul Morse was a scientist who learned to transform himself into a silver age variant of Mr. Justice. Not at all connected (aside from costume and abilities) with the 1940's version, it would seem.


Of these two synthetic humans, which was known as the Shape and which as the Shadow?

The Shape was the yellow and black clad being designed to replicate any... well... shape. He aided lad Kevin Boyd on a tale involving some spies and then disappeared into the night, while hunted down by Kevin's uncle who was Shape's demented creator.

Bonus question: Which of these androids was replicated in the same issue?
This would be the answer to question #3 and the bonus question. The Blue Shadow was spawned by the evil organization known as P.E.R.I.L. to defeat the Shield, and almost succeeded until Shield used the same device to create a Red Shadow to combat his Blue Brother. Then both just waded away!


superherofigurehunter said...

Can you offer a source for that Silver Age Mr Justice image?

earth-two said...

Sure thing. It was from Mighty Comics #47.