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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sideline Sundays: Noble Novices and Numbering

There was always something almost natural when it came to Archie's gang fitting into a world with superheroes. After all, if a group of teenagers can survive for decades un-aged by the ravages of time, certainly the physics defying feats of meta-humans is not so far fetched?


And speaking of revisiting heroes, that's exactly what Charlton Comics has done through the years, with somewhat mind boggling results as to the actual first issues of several of its mildly successful superhero brands.

For consider  yourself a young comic book collection who picked up Captain Atom #78 and and Blue Beetle #18, and you feverishly look for earlier issues! Not a chance! Somehow, this gimmick was believed by by the Dudes in Derby Connecticut to be the means to circumvent costs entailed in first issues!

Our thoughts exactly, Might Man! Kinda sucks all the joy of buying comics! Never fear, after awhile they learned from this and by the 70's Charlton was on the straight and narrow of comic book publishing etiquette.

And we now return you to your lazy summer weekend to relax and enjoy a good issue of Zap Comics #111. We know it does the trick for Superguy!

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Matt Celis said...

That hammock gag is terrific.

The avoidance of first issues was to save on registering with the postal service. Changing titles but keeping the numbers meant the magazine wasn't considered "new" so they didn't have to pay again.