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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Team-Up Tuesdays: Shield and Dusty vs the Fang! Part One

The Shield had a modestly numbered but colorful rogues gallery, and this week we focus in on one vicious villain... The Fang! An agent from Japan, his impressive physique is more than a match for a fully powered Shield... so what happens when Joe Higgins discovers that his powers are waning? In what was one of the innovative features of MLJ's golden age comics, we see a character arc continuing through several issues whereby Joe must learn how to reacquire his powers.

So sit back on enjoy part one of our featured presentation:

You may remember that Charlton's colorfully clad super-soldier, Judomaster, also had a crisis involving loss of his vision... and hence an inability to fight well. As in the Shield's case, it was up to Rip Dagger's sidekick Tiger to kick start his mentor back onto the road of heroics:

Part two will be posted later today with the stunning conclusion!

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