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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Captain Atoms's Girlfriends: Eve and Shade

Charlton had something going when they introduced their two-in-one gal, Eve Eden aka Nightshade. Whereas poor Archie Andrews had to eternally pick between the blonde and the brunette, the naive and the vain, the girl and the woman. Captain Atom had her all in one in lady!

Rich socialite Eve Eden, blonde daughter of a prominent U.S. Senator, seemed to have it all. An oppulent life, a jet-setting lifestyle, great looks and a charming personality. And the attention of one hunk-a-man in the form of Captain Adam, who could easily benchpress a hundred Archies!

In her secret identity, Eve donned a brunette wig... worn in a ponytail style for maximum effectiveness during battle... and became the fighting femme fabulous known as Nightshade! Oh, and lest you believe she was vain like Veronica Lodge, aka Ms. Vanity, Eve knew how to flaunt her footwear!

The best of both worlds wrapped in one fab package. A sorta reverse version of blonde ponytailed Betty and raven haired Veronica. If only Arch had lived on Earth-Four, he would've had his dream girl right there.
Like she'd give that dork the time of day. You go Atom, boy!


Anonymous said...

So in civilian life, they were Captain Adam and Eve, huh? And Eve's last name was Eden? So I guess if they'd had children, they would have been named Cain, Abel, and Seth.

earth-two said...

Hehe good point I connected the Adam and Eve thing but the kids would've been a handful, for sure!