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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Team-Up Tuesdays: Shield and Dusty vs the Fang! Part Two

And now we conclude the *ahem* epic battle between Team Shield and the Fang. How will our colorful crusader fair against this mammoth menace? Will he get any closer to solving the mystery of his missing superpowers? Let's take a look under the cover...of Pep Comics #29

Okay, that was cheating! Dusty's patented hop-on-the-neck move distracted the Fang long enough to cause the Shield to out maneuver his foe! Well at least the threat was taken care of... for now... but that is not the end of the Fang. Nor of the Shield, who persists in his attempts to restore his phenomenal physique. Will his uber-science finally work? Continue to watch these pages for further golden age exploits of Joe Higgins and Dusty Simmons.

And just to show that Shield's cross-dimensional contemporary didn't have things easy, this bad guy was adept at sneaking up on sidekicks.

Of course, Charlton had a golden age villain names Yellow Fang that bothered that era's Blue Beetle on a couple occasions. But not big like Mountain Storm. In fact, he was Judo-G.I.'s most persistent adversary as he matched muscle for muscle (though not much mental might, having to be directed by Japanese supervisors on how to corner a diminutive foe).

Tiger found himself alongside his mentor with the upper hand against their obese opponent. During his initial trial by fire, he showed that pure grit and determination made up for lack of mass. Something that Storm and Fang would've done well to consider during their campaigns of chaos.

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