Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fiends: Watchmen's !mpact Foes

Indigo and Moloch were the typical bald baddies so much in vogue back in the silver age of the 1960's. And each were retroactively inserted into the new takes on MLJ and Charlton of  the American Crusaders and the Crimebusters as their arch-foes. What made each truly unique was not what they were but what they ended up becoming, as they each realized their ultimate failure as world conquerors in their twilight years in one last encounter with the forces of justice. And how did these two masterminds of menace become the rogues we know and loathe?

Indigo was an unknown scientist who enlisted the premier specialists known as the Magi in various fields to develop state of the art technology, utilizing such devices to paralyze travel and block telecommunication. Edgar Jacobi operated mostly solo as the villain known as Moloch, a faux magician who was actually himself a scientist utilizing solar technology versus civilization. The Crimebusters, successors to the earlier Minutemen, not only repeatedly defeated Moloch but demoralized him. Even after he retired and worked in private industry, he continued to be hounded by some vigilantes. 

Indigo ended up reuniting his fellow fiends in the Magi thanks to a blackmail attempt involving the U.S. President, and left Earth with them in his space vessel. Moloch was murdered by a mysterious assailant for his role in a conspiracy that would overturn trust within the superhero community of his world! And each left as they came, obscurity.

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