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Sunday, March 13, 2011

DC Dopplegangers: Fearless Fireballs

As previously mentioned, DC Comics had rolled out their own Crusaders in the late 1970s to play to part of foils for the Freedom Fighters. Based on Marvel's Invaders, leading to an unofficial crossover as each team battled amalgams of the other, there were traces of Mighty Comics' Mighty Crusaders and their supporting characters.

Interestingly, each team sported their own "Fireball". named the same with similar flame-wielding abilities. Of course, Ted Tyler was a firefighter while old Lennie Wein was a fanboy, so while one was a professional hero the other was an amateur nerd. 

Nevertheless, in a mano-y-mano fight between the two human torches, it would seem Fireball-DC would have the upper-hand on Fireball-MLJ, since he in enveloped in all-consuming flames enabling to create tangible shapes and defy gravity, while his opponent merely could absorb and control ambient heat around him... oh and leap mighty bounds. Still, he had girlfriend Hedy (Hedy?) Harris pulling for him, instead of a junior sidekick named Sparky. That has to count for something in the grand scheme of plot developments.

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Jeremy A. Patterson said...

There was also a Fireball in DC's Young Allies team!