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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DC Dopplegangers: Sultry Sea-Supers

As previously mentioned, DC Comics had rolled out their own Crusaders in the late 1970s to play to part of foils for the Freedom Fighters. Based on Marvel's Invaders, leading to an unofficial crossover as each team battled amalgams of the other, there were traces of Mighty Comics' Mighty Crusaders and their supporting characters.

No line of characters is complete without the sea-faring superhero, and the Crusaders each had one... sort of. Actually over at Mighty Comics, shortly before her love interest Jaguar met up with that league of legends and decades before joining them, the pheromone feline flummoxed fighting feline met the sea circe herself, Kree-Nal.

No, she was not related to Captain Mar-Vell although she was likewise part of an alien invasion, in her case an invasion of one. DC's Crusaders had the Baracuda, formerly an unassuming fanboy who was solicited by uber-Nazi the Silver Ghost to be recruited into his faux-World War II team of heroes. Turned into a man-beast with flight and mighty to exercise his right to fight, Barracuda had like his teammates proved easily dispatched by Quality Comics' finest.

And in a battle between these two wet warriors, Kree-Nal would have the upper hand simply because she can mutate and control any sea life, and that includes a faux-Sub-Mariner. Additionally, what gill breather would not be intoxicated by this bewildering beauty???

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