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Friday, March 25, 2011

Under the Hood: The Makings of a Blue Beetle

Born in an era where there was a plethora of powerful public protectors, Daniel Garret wanted to join their ranks. And donning the blue uniform of a beat cop wasn't enough for the young man, more was needed in his estimation.

Another common aspect of that period was the various sources of superhuman abilities one could purchase at the local pharmacy. Well, that really wasn't the case, after all Miraclo wasn't distributed by Bannermain Chemicals until decades after it was first discovered, and then only had a clientele of... well... two!

Nevertheless, Garret was blessed to live in a neighborhood with a generous pharmacist/inventor who would help Dan attain his dream... and much more...

From this momentous meeting, the original Blue Beetle was born!

Per Comicvine: "When officer Garret received a gun shot wound in the line of duty, his life was saved by this scientist.  Dr. Franz had invented the secret and highly experimental Vitamin 2X, which provided Dan, as the Blue Beetle, with super-strength, heightened senses, faster speed, invulnerability and increased intelligence.  

Dan would return to Dr. Franz's office, where he kept his Blue Beetle costume, each time he needed to super-charge." Well, at least until enough years passed and readers forgot the origin of Beetle's powers, which by then included flight... then Franz and Vitamin 2x faded into obscurity.

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