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Thursday, March 17, 2011

DC Dopplegangers: Sensational Shields

As previously mentioned, DC Comics had rolled out their own Crusaders in the late 1970s to play to part of foils for the Freedom Fighters. Based on Marvel's Invaders, leading to an unofficial crossover as each team battled amalgams of the other, there were traces of Mighty Comics' Mighty Crusaders and their supporting characters.

The most obvious comparison is between Americommando and his 1940 template, the Shield. Besides their red, blue and while plumage which they are arrayed in, they sport stripes, stars, and flowing locks atop their non-traditional masks.

Additionally, each has an indomitable spirit driving them to support their causes. However, while for the Shield it is freedom and peace for all, for Americommando it is to subjugate the masses with his Nazi ideology. Yep, he's really the Silver Ghost underneath.

What's interesting is that in his criminal alias, the Ghost has the ability to turn humans into silver... something the Shield wouldn't like since his foe the Eraser turned him into an iron statue for decades. Hence, of these two, Commando trumps over his adversary in battle.

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