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Monday, March 21, 2011

Under the Hood: The Makings of a Peacemaker

Christopher Smith grew up the sole child whose father was an army officer turned statesman and whose mother was a research scientist mother. His wealth, skill at flying fighter aircraft and scientific aptitude derived from them both.  Smith was employed as a pacifist diplomat working as a U.S. Peace Envoy for the Geneva Arms Conference.

These two distinct worlds came colliding into one another with an international named Bork threatened the world's security. Donning the alias of Peacemaker, Smith utilized his various gadgets to full effect to topple the aspiring dictator.

This incident led to his fully adopting a new role into his already complex life, as a world-traveling troubleshooter/costumed hero, a venture which would ultimately claim is role as diplomat.

Behind the scenes, Peacemaker incorporated several key pieces of technology into his state-of-the-art costume. Chief among these is his helmet which included a powerful laser always at his disposal, and a jet pack allowing him low-altitude flight when time was of the essence.

Additionally, with such items as his nitrocellulose pack, fire bomb vile and derringer, Smith always had to assess the situation to assure that the maximum effect to resolve a crisis was utilized  while attaining the minimum amount of devastation when such tools were used.

Although most of his career has been left undocumented, those few cases assessable to public record indicates he fearless and intelligently employed his inventions adequately.

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