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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Under the Hood: The Makings of a Question

Crusading journalist Vic Sage at a deep-seated desire, undoubtedly due to his objectivism believes held by his idol Ayn Rand, felt the need to do more. And more was definitely needed as his home, Hub City, was a cesspool of crime and corruption needing a courageous crimefighter to curtail its cunning crooks.

Enter the Question.

However, while Sage had physical attributes allowing him to hold his own versus most opponents... particularly due to his fueled fearless fighting spirit... he could not openly combat criminals on the streets while televised publicly as an opinionated anchorman.
Enter Aristotle Roder.

Roder was the scientist who developed a revolutionary technique that would, in essence, transform Sage into superhero. And this technique would be the defining trait for Vic's alter ego.

The tool that Roder developed for his friend was pseudoderm, which mimics a a perfect, invisible skin-imitating bandage. 

In one rendition of his origin, the Question first encountered this scientific miracle when Aristotle enlisted Sage's aid to retrieve it from the hands of a felon using it for illicit purposes. Using the material as a mask, Vic decided to wear it as a long-term fix for his alias.

According to DC Wikia: "The Question Mask perfectly hides the features of its wearer, making it seem as though the face is non-existent, and completely covered in skin. It does not impede breathing or eyesight. The mask is hidden in an easily concealable belt. The balled up pseudoderm is in the buckle, where it can be easily removed and rolled out to cover the face. A special chemical applied to the face that mimics aftershave, when combined with a gas released from the belt, makes the mask stick to the face so fast that it cannot be taken off by hand or any conventional means. A second spray of gas makes it come off."

But it is the man behind the mask that truly makes the Question... unique.

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