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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shovel-Ready Jobs for Super-Righteous Joes

Since unemployment is near double digits in America, we here at CvsMMLJ want to do our part to keep as many qualified spandex superheroes out of unemployment agencies and on the street, entertaining all with their daring deeds to do!

Come to think of it, how would one collect benefits if one is already a jobless vigilante. Forget the wealthy playboys... of which in our stable of mystery men only Peter Cannon (aka Thunderbolt) qualifies for in our crop of both creative and crummy characters.

Perhaps there is some IRS that monitors the selfless deeds of those wearing their underwear on the outside? Only instead of Internal Revenue Service it's the Investigators of Righteous Superheroes, and instead of collecting W-2's the collect newspaper clippings. much like our friend is reading in the same rag where he finds his want ads?

Still, any rube (sorry Red Rube!) could don a cape and garish costume then claim he is a hero. We suspect there is some way to audit such an alleged able-bodies avenger of all-men. Maybe they had to register with the local 7 union before they hit the streets, otherwise the union boss would sick one of his henchmen on the poor unsuspecting rube (once more, our apologies Red).

Otherwise, this was just a throwaway panel in Josie's comic? Kinda funny that Josie #22, wherein we find this clip, is long after her publisher Archie/MLJ and rival Charlton fired their whole crop of costumed characters? Strange we don't see them... oh wait... there's the Fly and Black Hood! Glad they got their 5 seconds of fame in the frigid bronze age!

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