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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting Some Pep Into Your Step: Hangman vs Mother Goose!

Let's get some "Pep into your step" with a truncated tale from Pep #30 featuring the Hangman, prior to his radically rotten disposition as mid-60's villain turned mid-80's paternal ogre. An interesting diametric involves the relationship with he and his Charlton counterpart Punch's blond bombshells, the ever alluring Thelma (aka the "hand-me-down" girlfriend...sorry Comet your bro called dibs when you evaporated) and always evil Jewelee. Not to mention each having a propensity towards...well... goofiness despite the malevolence they try to exude.

Anyways, here we go...

Okay, so we understand around this time that Mad Hatter was already booked for an engagement with a certain Dark Knight detective, but couldn't this erstwhile earl of the eerie have found a better opponent than this creepy crone?

Yikes! On the trail of this pointy-hat predator, after she dealt with two of three sons in a mysterious Dickson family (wait... Dickson... Dickerson... could it be a connection? Or rather, the writer's laziness), our Stringed Sentinel is... roped... into a dangerous situation. Egads, however will he procure himself out of this situation? Never fear, gentle reader...

Well said, Punch, although we doubt Jewelee could get her hair stay immaculately pristine in windstorm quite like Thelma. Either she used a six-pack of hairspray of bobby-pins galore.

And speaking of the fairer sex... no fair throwing us a curve ball... a vengeful dude in drag? Sigh, face it he ain't no Captain Swastika, who had a better costume even though half of it was mere dress slacks.

Stay tuned for more installments of "Getting Some Pep Into Your Step".

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