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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nothing New Under the Sun: War and Peace

In the file of "Nothing New Under the Sun", as the old adage goes, is this stunning theft of character design. I mean...within the same publisher? It's not like these guys (and no...the Comet wasn't THAT good a scientist to clone two Shields...that came about thanks to some good old fashion Papa Shield and Mama Shield leading to bouncing behemoth Baby Boy Shield...and some thawing of Papa after decades as a stone cold operator thanks to an Altroxian generator  ol' faux Tony Stark stole from the depths of the Mighty cosmos).

No that was on purpose. For Charlton, that was maybe to cross-promote their product? Like a crossover wouldn't work better...but no this is the "we play in are independent playpens" style that sank this publisher into last place Any who...on to our guests of honor...or dishonor as it were...

Was Christopher Smith inspired by Barbo the Deadly?

Or was the Hidden One inspired by a certain Action-Hero?

Who would come out on top? Peacemaker?

Or the ancient adversary of all-things altruistic?

Barbo fell down go boom! Peace out!

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