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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Team-Up Tuesdays: E-nimal Week - Gal Pals

Continuing our "E"-nimal Week festivities, we introduce the gal pals of the powered protectors, Jaguar and E-Man, which also share remarkable characteristics to the lads. First, the brunette girls next door who aided the boys on some cases in a strickly plutonic nature. Or was it?

Rosie and the Ross. Ms. Ross, first name Jill, was the long suffering assistant to her enigmatic boss and also confirmed her suspicions that Mr. Hardy also moonlighted in his scarlet under-roos. There was little doubt that she was the good girl in Jags life, and the one he *should* end up with. Did he? Nah. And Rosie, however, only stuck around for a short while... then was gone.

The main squeeze for the guys was two firebrands. Cat-Girl lost her powers due to radiation while Nova gained powers by radiation! However, Nova's new lease on life (caused by an inner Earth sun going nova itself) caused her to lose her humanity. She later lost them.... only to regain them later (with a different comic book publisher).

Both orange clad gal pals had a preference turning into cats, each had near limitless powers they lost in the end. Apparently, Cat-Girl thought quite a bit more of herself than had Nova. Even after she was stripped of her immortality and various vague powers, she did grabbed what prestige she could as wealthy socialite Lydia Fellin.

Two malevolent lasses from outer space caused the dudes some difficulties, Kree-Nal an alien siren that changed men to beasts and Vamfire, an energy being created by the same nova E-Man came from! Both dropped their harsher edges. Vamfire found love, a mutated human named Eco-Man, while Kree-Nal swam alone.

Eventually, the "E"-nimals' girls joined forces to show them that the fairer sex packs a punch. While E-Man eventually succumbed to his overwhelming feelings for Nova (plus, Vamfire was kinda his "sister" so it would be gross if they paired up, and Rosie just never had the E-chemistry going for her), Jaguar and his alias Ralph Hardy stayed the Lady's Man that never settled down with any of the gals. Both chick magnets!

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