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Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fiends: Shockingly Sinister Show-Offs

Our super strong red heads wearing their durable duds. Blue Beetle and Shield, clash with a couple of shockingly sinister show-offs. And neither was from modern day Earth, bringing their technological superiority and a malevolent attitude masked my a friendly demeanor. And now... Mr. Thunderbolt and Storm King... and their brief moment in the *ahem* sun.

While Professor Dan Garrett is called away from his seat on a new state of the art airliner the Superstar as the Bue Beetle to prevent a lightning bolt from destroying it, Bill Higgins is already clad in his colorful costume when he meets *ahem* Kingsley Storme vacating his own futuristic craft.

The bringers of electrical discharges, Mister Thunderbolt and the newly rechristened Storm King show their true colors when they *ahem* rain on the parade of our courageous carrot-tops. What are their malignant motivations behind their malevolent manners?

While getting their jaws struck by their foes flying fists, our atmospheric aliens find that local law enforcement is causing them equal measures of trouble! For T-Bolt, its a continual nuisance with that bobby's billy club. For Stormy it ain't a problem, since he's a real *ahem* blow hard.

Back aboard their out-of-this-world sky vessels, Beetle and Shield confront the Bolt from planet Uker and the King from a future era. Dan's scarab provides him the added protection against Mr. T that Bill himself obtains from a rare element intragorium which for some reason weakens Stormy.

Okay... so essentially Thunderbolt is sent packing for Uker (which is either really close or Beetle has some serious wormhole action in his Egyptian jewelry), Kingsley was possessed by an *ahem* gloomy* alien that doesn't like humans much. And so end a couple more one-note wonders in our rogues gallery. And remember, April showers bring spring flowers!

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