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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Jaguar and the E-Man: E-nimals Week!

This weeks festivities commenced yesterday with aconsideration of some tangenal allies of our heroic duo. Today, we ponder the very core of E-nimal Week: Jaguar and E-Man!

Jaguar spent the first few decades of his life as mere Ralph Hardy, a world renowned zoologist whose hobby, coincidentally, was traveling the world. On an archeological dig in Peru, found himself face-to-face with a nasty big snake. Thankfully, he also was face-to-face with some ancient Inca drawing showing the ancient people facing this beast armed with a belt. This special belt, which he likewise conveniently discovered in time to save the day, has an inscription on its buckle "He who loves the animal kingdom may wear this belt and be transformed into a human jaguar" (sheesh that is one honking big belt buckle!).

This ancient clothing accessory, the nucleon energy belt, came equipped with standard issue superhero spandex. It was later revealed by the creator of the belt, Varigon (more on his later) that the first human on Earth to wear this garment was an Incan lady. She wore the same unisex costume and battled the same slithering serpent. The belt itself gave Ralphy several useful abilities that both helped him fit with his fellow heroes and helped to stand him apart. Of course there was super strength and a rhino thick hide.

He was also granted mastery of all animal life, with the ability to telepathically control them (unless plot deem that they pose as a menace, as was often the case).

 His dual persona gradually effected far more than his mustache (which disappeared when he transformed from Tony Ralph Hardy into Jaguar). He slowly gained a bestial nature, which he always suppressed as his parents acknowledged that he always felt more at ease with animals than men. Such as on this occasion when he was attempting to restore his powers through a dream.

The belt itself emitted a constant spray of "nucleon" jet fuel which propelled Jaguar at high speeds through the air with but a thought. These two jet packs attached to the belt were never used as more than an instrument to achieve thrust and altitude. And to keep his trousers up.

For E-Man, he didn't inherit an ancient energy source.. He WAS the ancient energy source, spawned from a supernova as a sentient life form.

After acquainting himself with material life forms he discovered on Sirius IV, he eventually came to Earth and formed a replica of a human body. At which point he adopted the alias of Alec Tronn, named by a very important woman in his life (more on her later).

Among his abilities was the aforementioned shape changing, which allowed him to adopt a variety of forms. He had a pre-disposition towards animals, for some reason. And rockets, which he used to jet his body through the sky. He also projected energy blast from his hands with varying results against his variousf foes.

When he restructured him molecular arrangement to mimic various forms of life, he quickly picked up their attributes and abilities as if instinctively. He was the personification of Einstein's theory of relatively "E=MC2" literally Energy equals Mass times Conversion Squared. In fact, on several occasions Einstein himself appeared in his adventures as a narrator!

Alec had a courageous and kidding nature that allowed him to most of the time keep a cool ahead and appraise situations using an even keel disposition. Even those times when someone tried to keel haul him! One thing more about both E-Man and Jaguar... they were ladies men! Which we'll learn more of tomorrow. Such as Nova Kane in the picture above side-by-side her E-man.

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Matt Celis said...

That would be Energy (E) equals (=) Mass (m) times (x) the Speed of Light (c) squared (2).