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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fiends: Wicked Weapon Wielders

The Hun was a sociopath raised in Germany and quickly ascending the hierarchy of the Nazi party after obtaining a costume and shield. These items granted him superhuman strength and durability But there was one man, the Shield, who with his sidekick Dusty, proved a challenge.

Doctor Kong was a sociopath scientists from an unidentified country (presumably China) who employed various means to attain power using weapons. During his first clash with the sword and shield clad Son of Vulcan, Kong employed a superstrong Giant Gladiator. Despite superior mighty and an  unrestrained hostility, SoV made short work of the creature while Kong disappeared in disgust. This would be the beginning of an enmity between the two that (during the short run of Son's book) would be a predominant theme through the series.

Even during a period when he was left powerless but another Nazi agent, the Shield was able to maneuver the situation in such away as to defeat the Hun. Using superior tactics and a greater measure of courage, the costumed Joe Higgins proved more than enough to combat the Hun even when the latter used other means at his disposal besides his mysterious artifacts of power given to him by Alexander the Great from centuries ago, after the former dictator observed Hun's tendencies towards evil from his adolescence onward.

During their next meeting, Kong adopts a new alias as the seemingly legendary "Chingchang" coming equip from fully equipped with a special sword that rendered the Grecian guardian defeated on this encounter.  Assisting to evil schemer was several femme fatale hench women that seemed to serve Kong almost in fear. What strange power he had over them we may never know. It only lasted for this tale... may it was his fashion sense or the way he swung his suave sword?
It was quite apropos that two symbols of their respective lands clad in shields would repeatedly clash. Note that this was during the period of time when a particular wing helmeted Captain was gaining some significant fame over at a marvelous competitor of MLJ comics. Kinda of a homage, aye?

Working alongside a red bearded dude named Mars (hmmm I've heard of that guy somewhere), the two attempted to eliminate Vulcan's Son. Mixing technological gimmicks with his allies unique perspective and powers, the two attempted to finally remove the chief obstacle towards their plans. Both seemed to share a common vanity, with an inability to tolerate anyone equal to themselves (how they considered each other would seem to indicate they would've turned on each other in a moment's notice).

The Hun would return decades later to revive his rivalry with his opposite number. While the Shield was preserved young thanks to being transformed into a stone like substance for several years. For the Hun, it was simply a matter of obtaining his special shield from an army base, using special gear provided to him by the organization Delta Three, led by three mysterious masterminds (on this point, Hun's masters were presumably some high placed individuals in the high society).
Both bad guys left the field of battle, licking their wounds vowing to return another day. And this would be the last direct confrontation between the two, as Kong would return to his behind the scenes plans for world domination to battle his armored adversary. Oh, and he ditched the historical duds and went back to being a contemporary methodically manipulating madmen. Meanwhile, his pal Mars left to himself plot anew the down fall of his brother's prized agent and star pupil on the Earthly scene.

Now facing off against a once more powered up Shield, the Hun stood no chance even with Alexander's own shield. Delta Three knew they had to eliminate their captured agent, lest he squeal on their secret operations. They proved unable to do so when both men of the shield worked side-by-side to take care of Delta's troops. Then the Hun was recaptured and presumably taken into custody. Never seen again (since his arch foe lost his comic... he no doubt would've returned to locate his shield left in a garbage truck).

Kong's final scheme was to use artificially induced natural disasters to destroy the set of a movie based on Helen of Troy. Aside from drenching the hairdo and spirits of the prima donna star herself, Kong was unable to do anything more than find himself apprehended by his arch foe, Son of Vulcan, himself playing a modern day Achilles. This was the final blow which left Kong permanently in defeated dejection forevermore.

Our two foreign fiends showed that despite having objects of tremendous power, their resolve could never match their fearless two shield clad foes.

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