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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Fox and The Feline Part 2: Team-Up Tuesdays

Yesterday we considered the Fox and the Cat during their brief careers that (in a sense) spanned from World War II until their notoriety in the mid 1960's. The Fox had a love interest and an arch-enemy that would continue to exert their influence on is life during his reappearances in the 1980's from Blue Ribbon Comics #7 and 7. In fact, it was due to the villain formerly known as the Gasser who sought revenge on his humiliating defeat that brought the delicate dancer Delilah Monaco into the fray, as he used the gal as bait to tempt his feral foe into a return battle. Having trained under a local Sensei, Gasser adopted a new alias and modus operandi as Martial Law, using nunchucks and fisticuffs as a henchman of the mysterious Dragon Head (a disguise for the Brain Emperor, the persistent alien adversary of the Mighty Crusaders) who himself had a thing for the fair female in our cast of characters

While Martial Law was limber and daring in his moves, he resorted to cheap gimmicks... as he during his previous career... to try and bring his enemy to his knees. He's quickly upstages by his co-thug, the Eraser, who shows him true villiany.And later entered a self-imposed retirement.

Delilah soon turned her aversion for the Fox into full-on contempt, as she felt that he was dragging all these strange characters and drama into her live (in reality, its her boyfriend Paul Patton and his seeming obsession with having her accept his Fox alter ego!). Even after Fox himself found himself under the tutelage of the same Sensei to help him "find himself". he ended up pushing her farther away. At which point, Delilah left to train and return to herself the costumed crime fighter as the She-Fox. And in her two outings in Mighty Crusaders #12 and 13 (the Fox's back-up), she showed him up using her acrobatic skills and witty banter in front of the media and malcontents alike. In fact, the Fox contemplated retirement, much to the lady's glee.It didn't quite stick, he returned decades later!

Elsewhere (and when). the Cat's greatest adversary Judomaster had quite the supporting cast for a silver age creation, which he met after his narrow escape from Imperial Japanese soldiers on an isolated island. This survivor, the soldier known as Sgt. Rip Jagger, found himself under the training (and torment) of Bushiri. Bushiri is the leader of a resistance movement on this atoll that use ancient fighting techniques to battle the forces of evil from their native homeland. While Jagger initially earned the contempt Bushiri, this turned to admiration when his Sensei saw the good in the caucasian lad, thus presenting him with his trademark duds.

This was, in part, due to Jagger's timely save of the Sensei's granddaughter Suzikawa. She wins his heart as his Suzi and his primary love interest who, unlike Delilah, adores both the man inside and outside the costume worn by the Master of Judo. Even when it was discovered that she fed information to the Japanese to save her brother (who was actually an assassin named Acrobat sent to get rid of her boyfriend) she showed loyalty toward her true love! We hope they ended up together.

Two fighters with an attitude, two females with an affection, and two teachers with affirmation. While those orbiting the Fox's orbit only lasted for a handful of stories, Judomaster's circle of comrades lasted for eleven issues of his title until his issue #89. Then they faded away with the protagonists of their obscure yet quaint tales. More is the shame.

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