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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sideline Sundays: Far Out Alien Potentates!

Two races residing beyond the stars in the sky. Two monarchies ruled by powerful women controlling technology that would boggle the minds of scientists of Earth. And yet...each sought out a mighty male that would usher in a new age. For one race, it was for self-preservation against a deadly foe. For the other, it was for adulation for an image of their legend. Both drew to their sides destructive men wearing costumes that allowed them to play out their fantasies of devastation. What will transpire next?

We present to you Queen Naija and the people of need of a savior to protect their world from sentient robots run amok (no, not the Cylons). What better agent to enlist than that pre-Cyclops-ian hero known as John Dickering aka the Comet aka the psycho-villain-evaporator!

And for the Sunurians, dominated by umpteen statues to their "Faceless One" cluttering up their strange self-enclosed world, they soon discover learn that he may have returned manifested as Alec Rios aka the Ghost.
Realizing that, once he's done wrecking their dauntless adversaries, he may next turn on them to vent his destructive bolts of optical energy, the Altroxians send the Comet packing back to Earth... without so much as a sewing kit to help him mend his costume. Sheesh!
Back on Sunuria, the Ghost's new consort, a blond lass with normal skin pigment and hair style (the other ladies had a sorta Geisha thing going with their physical presentation), who appears to be a High Priestess to the Cult of the Forgotten One aka disgruntled millionaire scientist Alec Rios, sends the Ghost packing to Earth of his own volition.
Switching back to the Comet, his short crime fighting career in the 40's is capped off when he's capped by a vengeful gangster. Turns out Queen Naija of Altrox has a soft spot for psychotics and brings our goggled gumshoe back to her world to revive him.
The Ghost's new Number Two in the chain of Sunurian command helps him towards his quest for indomitable the first panel. And in the last two, he's returned with his tail once more firmly planted between his legs. Although this only seems to endear him to his ponytail pawns. And interesting, the Priestess is nowhere to be seen! She will return!
Queen Naija ends up marrying King Comet... er Dickering... well whatever. And they live happily ever... weekly? Cause after just one week, on their honeymoon no less, turns out a rogue robot assassinates Naija. And eventually, the Comet returns (albeit powerless, having to adopt some Altrox technology that mimics his natural superpowers... which come to think of it the Alxroxians could have used themselves ring the robot uprising! Ah but that is what we call suspension of disbelief, folks!).
The High Priestess decides to bury her face behind a mask and condemn the Ghost for his incompetence. While her people turn against her, siding with Rios, she turns the tables by sabotaging a battle royale between their Faceless One and Captain Atom. Assisted by Cap's darling of darkness, Nightshade, she ends up apparently destroying Sunuria to eliminate the Ghost. Why... we don't know. But don't worry, he returns even if she and her people fade from memory. Except on this blog.
And there you have it. The two most prominent alien races to mix with the Mighty and Charlton Comics heroes. They did not have the same impact as Kryptonians, Skrullians, Kree, Thanagarians, Rannians, or the like. But hey, they filled up a few pages for their respective publishers.

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