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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Origins of Jaguar and E-Man: E-nimals Week

 Jaguar gains his belt in Adventures of the Jaguar # and learns his origin years later in Mighty Crusaders #7 and the Fly #7!

Next we turn our attention to E-Man's first appearance and his origin from E-Man #1, while further developments on his genesis came later.

So many parallels between these two heroes. Both utilize an ancient strip of energy to harness their animal-like abilities. Both have spunky sisters, for E-Man it is Vamfire and for Jaguar it is Rose Raymond. Both have inscriptions of the core principles that make their powers work written on their costumes. Each flies using the powers of jets. There are two immortal in their myths (for E-Man it is himself and Vamfire, for Jaguar it is Cat-Girl and Varigon). They each can change their appearance to a beast, and both prefer a cat form. And each has a gallery of gals in their lives.

We've also just met perhaps E-man's deadliest foe, the Brain. Tomorrow we learn more about the diabolic schemes of two alien brains who continually caused our power-packed-pair problems! See you then.


Rip Jagger said...

Your blog is unique. I know what to expect each time, but I'm always surprised by your ingenuity.

Good show.

Here's a little something for you.

Rip Off

earth-two said...

Thanks Rip. I'm actually going to try an shake up the status quo a bit in the near future, but I had a set number of "comparison" posts, i.e. I still have half a dozen Charlton/MLJ characters to consider and a few more Team-Ups (including one I've meant to get to for several weeks now) before I do that. Thank you very much.