Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Steeler Sundays: Return of Inferno Part 3

Postscript: Sarge Steel here. Wasn't that an excellent tale wherein my fellow Steel, Mr. Sterling, used a clever method to get the intelligence he needs to ferret out that rat... er snake. He wasn't just all brawn. Still not to sure about that Inferno, but I've been told some good things about him... we'll see...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Steeler Sundays: Return of Inferno Part 2

Picking up where we left off last Steeler Sundays, we find Steel Sterling facing off once more against his old foe Inferno in the pages of Zip Comics #11. Only this time, the fire-breathing foe of the Man of Steel gets caught up with his friend Twisto in a nefarious scheme hatched by the true villain of this piece. Pig Pan Wood. Realizing that he escaped by the skin of his teeth and the bumbling of a fellow fiend, Pig Pan adopts the alias of the Rattler with a unique modus operandi of his own.

Note the comical copper who is Steel's erstwhile companion, always a necessary component in any successful golden age character's strip. And Steel hiimself displays some versatility, not simply relying on his considerable superstrength, durability and "ZIPs" through the air. Realizing he needs to cosy up to the criminal element in order to track it down, he assume a down-and-out hoodlum alias all his own. Shade of Batman's "Matches Malone and definitely highlighting that strategically he is on par with his doppleganger Sarge Steel over at Charlton Comics.

In this battle between Sterling and Rattler, which side will Inferno join in this battle of good and evil? Well we know how he'll ultimately turn out, but the road to redemption is paved with many potential potholes. Not the least of which is getting that snazzy costume he's more famously clad in.

For the conclusion of this mini-epic return with us next time for Part 3 of the Return of Inferno on Steeler Sundays!