Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Saturday, February 19, 2011

DC Dopplegangers: Webhead Writers

Beating our favorite webhead to the printer a full nine months before his debut in 1942, there was the Tarantula busting on the scene with the Web waiting in the wings.

An obvious comparison between the two with several points of similarity:

  • Jonathan and John, as in Mr. Law and Mr. Raymond.
  • A noted mystery writer and a criminologist. The former dabbled in crime fiction and the latter in chronicling his profession.
  • Neither willing to mat down their blond locks, they each wore half-faced masks.
  • Both had a leaning towards using webs in the modus operandi and tools.
  • Each battled crime during World War II solo while at times alongside others.
  • They had short published runs, with Tarantula's lasting 19 issues of Star-Spangled Comics and Web's lasting 12 issues of Zip Comics.
Once more, B-listers on their absolute best days yet breaking the mode in their non-traditional backgrounds and sense of style.

DC Dopplegangers: Restless Reporters

Steve Ditko was the superstar artist seeking creative freedom throughout his career. Rarely achieving his ideal setting to unleash his unorthodox take on art and storytelling, at least twice he struck a similar cord. The result were two potential legends.

The Question debuted in 1967 as a backup feature of Derby Connecticut's Charlton Comics' Blue Beetle, for five issues. A sixth issue of the hero's adventures were compiled in Mysterious Suspense in 1968.

The Creeper debuted in 1968, after his former employer's superhero action line essentially folded (the Phantom not withstanding) in an issue Showcase before six issues of his self-titled series. And besides having short-lived runs before being revived years later, each had other similarities:

  • Jack Ryder and Vic Sage were temperamental television personalities who espoused the ideals of their creator of objectivism, although Jack much less so.
  • Each had a blonde coworker at their television stations that struck just as many nerves and heartstrings of our heroes.
  • In their costumed identity, intelligent scientists bestowed them with devices that transformed them from well known television personalities into notorious heroes.
  • Law enforcement authorities had an edgy relationship with this pair, with their most consistent allies being blue garbed millionaires Batman and Blue Beetle.
While never achieving the limelight of A-list heroes from the main publishers, each gained an appreciative fanbase which allowed them time and again to return, most of the time beside their fellow crusaders.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Archie Doesn't Like the Watchmen

If looks could kill, watch the daggers flying from the Archies' eyes gazing upon our heroes! They just aren't into Alan Moore in Riverdale, I suppose!?! More of a Springdale thing, me thinks...