Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Friday, April 6, 2012

Charlton/MLJ Before and After: The Shield

From the Shield's initial appearence in the 1940s, a similar style debuted with the 1960s rendition of the character, although the colors were inverted and Lancelot Strong had a more traditional superhero stylized suit. When the original Shield's son appeared and, years later, his father Joe Higgins, we once more saw the more unorthodox gloves and boots. And no "outer underwear". Now that a new Shield is heralding a new era of Crusaders, the golden age Shield now seems to be wearing a uniform that is a collision of both styles, in a bulky and unweildy uniform! Yuck.


Jeremy A. Patterson said...

The Shield's 'New Crusaders' look has some shoulder pads that would not look out of place in the 1990s!


Doc Savage said...

The Lancelot Strong version is the best looking as well as most interesting in the Joe Simon stories. Never been much of a Shield fan aside from that.