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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Team-Up Tuesdays: Bothersome Bureaucrats

Continuing last week's Robots Attack episode of Team-Up Tuesdays, we were following allowing with the Mighty Crusaders (in their self-titled issue #6) and future Sentinels of Justice (i.e. Captain Atom and Nightshade, in Charlton Bullseye #1) as they partook in their final silver age tale as a team. Now given, the Atom/Nightshade story had been delayed in publishing until the 70's after the traditional "silver age" period of comics had concluded, so we're fudging just a bit.

Regardless, this week we see the Crusaders dilemma at legitimacy as heroes without governmental backing their actions. When last we left Fly and Fly-Girl, they were saving some kidnapped victims of a gigantic mechanical pooch. Turns out they have bigger problems...and they aren't alone as the Shield, Bill Higgins, himself finds his efforts are unappreciated:

This isn't a problem for the Atomic Ace and Darling of Darkness, however, as they have right from the start acted as operatives of the U.S. However, they too are about to come up against another authority...this one from another world...that stymes not only their actions but those of their arch-enemy, the Ghost. Let's see how the plot develops:

Evidently the High Priestess of the Sunurians does not appreciate her fine troops being manipulated by the power mad Evil One, also known as the Ghost. How will our pair of Charlton's finest play into her scheme to take back the reigns of power from him?

And why, exactly, are all these governmental agents causing our Crusaders so much trouble, after they've gone out of their way to save their lives? Will the Flys and Shield, alongside teammates the Comet and Black Hood, figure a way back into their good graces?

Tune in next week to find out...

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