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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Team-Up Tuesdays: Silver-Age Showdowns

We continue our coverage of the final tale of the Mighty Crusaders and (pre-)Sentinels of Justice prior to their brief 1980's incarnations. Click on the following links to catch up on part one and part two. In part three, things go from bad to worse as we Shield, Comet, Black Hood, Captain Atom and Nightshade with their hands full handling out-of-this world menaces in Mighty Crusader #6 and Charlton Bullseye #1-2. Check it out:

The Comet, doing his best Tony Stark impersonation, leaps into action using his near limitless gadgets he always comes equipped with, to remove the ruthless rogue rapidly! Alas, the Secret Service here at the White House is indeed correct... the Terror Globes never return and so remains the mystery of their maddening methods of malevolent mighty! And we begin to see a pattern of disgruntled federal employees unappreciative of the  Crusaders services.

They sure cranked out some strange cronies in the Mightyverse, didn't they? Nothing scares Officer Burland, who had spent several years with nothing else to do but improve his crime fighting techniques. Still, he breaks from pattern and resorts to fisticuffs rather than his handy dandy weapondry he has used in the past. Once this sinister scarlet schemer is caught by the Man of Mystery, how will said Man fair in the eyes of local law enforcement? Will the Hood get credit , or get a swift kick in the ol' gluteus maximus?

The Ghost shows his true megalomaniacal demeanor as he finally has both us hated foes in the palm of his hands. Although the Sunurian's honr code causes them to heal Nightshade from her injuries, the Ghost realized he has a pawn for his arch-enemy. Yet after years of exile from Earth, with amble time to meditate on when he failed previously and how to guard himself against his arch-enemy, he underestimates Atom!

The old adage "divide then conquer" is approp as that is exactly how the Ghost, his Sunurian amazon troops, and Mighty Comic's many moronic maniacs cause each hero more trouble then they expected. While the Crusaders' are definitely not currying public sentiment to their cause, Cap and Shade are very much outnumbered as they're thrust into a bizarre world that disables them. How will are champions triumph? Tune in next week and we'll find out.

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